5 Best San Diego Breweries

With National Beer day around the corner, we thought this list would help you narrow down which breweries to go to. Below are the 5 best breweries in San Diego based on atmosphere, service, beer, and food. 

Viewpoint Brewing Co

Located in the heart of Del Mar, Viewpoint Brewery has become a staple of the community. What makes it one of the best breweries in San Diego is the atmosphere, the hospitality, and of course, the great tasting beer. Enjoy a warm summer’s day on their outdoor patio. 

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Ketch Grill & Taps

The newest Ketch Grill & Tap is located on the coveted Portside Pier in downtown San Diego. Situated right on top of the water, this modern, multi-level open floor brewery is hard to beat. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Downtown and enjoy a cold Ketch beer on the water. 

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Modern Times: The Far West Lounge

Modern Times latest addition to its many breweries is its Downtown Encinitas location, the Far West Lounge. As if Downtown Encinitas could get any cooler, this new vibe-approved brewery is the perfect addition to make that happen. Take a break from the beach and enjoy a cold beer in the lively Downtown.

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Karl Strauss

The oldest brewing company in San Diego has a number of great locations, but their most popular one is located in the heart of the BioTech industry in Sorrento Mesa. Walking into the brewery on the long windy path transports you from the tech craze to a completely new place. The brewery is situated on top of a pond and has a great outdoor atmosphere. Stop by this brewery on your next lunch break, you won’t be disappointed. 

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Fall Brewing Company

Last but not least, Fall Brewing Company. Located in the heart of North Park, this place is a must see. Falling in line with the hipster feel of North Park, this brewery has it all. Great beer, casual but trendy atmosphere, kind and helpful beertenders, and even a food truck parked right outside. Stop by for cool vibes and cold brews.

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