Willis Allen’s Sonal Kanodia on co-founding “Raise a Roof-Uplift the Poor” initiative

Willis Allen’s, Sonal Kanodia, has co-founded an initiative, Raise a Roof – Uplift the Poor, in conjunction with Sangita Ministries of India, with support of the North Coast Calvary Church in Carlsbad. Sangita Ministries provides new “huts” for destitute and cast-off widows in Southern India who are considered “cursed” and not allowed near the remaining family. Although Sangita Ministries does much more than provide huts for widows, it is one of their initiatives that Kanodia is dedicated to supporting. 

“For every home I sell in 2021, I will donate $350 per sale for the cost of a new widow’s hut and transform someone’s life for the better. I am also giving my clients the option of giving the donation in their name to support this worthwhile cause. The clients that I have told about this opportunity, have been touched by the effort to make a difference in someone’s life.”

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