Linda Daniels has been selling residential real estate in Southern California’s most exclusive zip codes since 1975! For 20 of her 40 years in the business, Linda has ranked among the top 10% of Real Estate Agents in the Unites States! The daughter of immigrant parents and a graduate of UCLA, Linda learned from a young age that to achieve success, she must set high goals, treat others with respect and do what she knows in her heart is right. Under these principles, with the help of her unfailing ambition, keen ability to relate to others and charming disposition, Linda has earned an untarnished reputation among clients and peers alike, which has led to a 95% client referral rate! The true rewards are much less tangible: Throughout her life she has followed these lessons and has, time after time, enjoyed a great return. Linda truly believes that if her team makes client satisfaction the primary goal – the success will ensue!