Living in Downtown San Diego since 2004, I have made it a point to be involved in the community and stay informed as the city changes and develops. This has been invaluable to my clients as they select the best possible location for their new home. My family has been involved in the construction and development industry since the 1960's; which as a REALTOR has given me the ability to understand details and quality when evaluating a property. To give back to the community, I sit on the boards of several prominent organizations: Downtown Community Planning Council DCPC ; Architectural Review Sub-comittee Downtown Residents Group DRG Clean & Safe / San Diego Downtown Partnership Cortez Hill Active Residents Group CHARG As a Military Relocation Professional (MRP certified) I am attentive to the needs and understand the home buying process of our military families and veterans. Besides being immensely rewarding, the information I gain through these affiliations allows me to communicate information regarding vital issues that affect my client's home buying decisions. Growth and changes throughout San Diego need careful consideration in order to choose the right home.