September 25th, 2018

Benefits of Owning a House with a Swimming Pool

Camino De Arriba, 8036 (2)As you search for the perfect house, you may have a few misconceptions regarding the presence of a swimming pool in your San Diego dream home. Many new homeowners fear a pool will require too much upkeep and a significant financial investment. You might be worried about increased utility bills or time-consuming maintenance chores. But, the costs and upkeep associated with owning a pool are negligible when you consider the lifestyle benefits it provides. Read on to find out why Alpha & Omega Pools says a swimming pool may be just what the doctor ordered.

1. You Have a Personal Oasis Only a Few Steps Away

For many San Diego homebuyers, the outside of the house is just as important (if not more so) than the inside. For frequent entertainers or those who love the solace that their own home provides, the backyard becomes an extension of the living space. Your swimming pool and landscaping should complement each other to create a harmonious space in which to relax and recharge.

2. You Can Create Your Very Own Paradise or “Staycation”

If you’re lucky, there’s one week a year that you can escape the daily grind and lounge at a tropical resort with a daiquiri in your hand. But what if that tropical resort was in your own backyard? A swimming pool allows you to escape into your own personal paradise whenever you want. Say goodbye to costly hotel rooms and hello to ultimate comfort.

4. You Control the Cleanliness of Your Pool

You don’t share a bathtub with strangers, so why would you share a pool? Public pools are a breeding ground for bacteria. Property managers do their best to compensate with chlorine, but you can’t escape the “yuck” factor. Monthly pool maintenance will keep your home’s swimming pool clean, healthy, and inviting for family and friends.

5. You Have 24/7 Access to Aquatic Therapy and Fitness

Swimming may just be the perfect exercise. This low-impact, high-cardio activity affords people of all ages a healthy workout routine. Think the pool is just for your two-legged family members? Think again. Swimming is a great activity to help younger dogs work through excess energy, to help older dogs stay active and combat arthritis, and to help injured dogs rehabilitate.

6. You Get a Must-Have Selling Feature

In San Diego’s warm climate, a pool can be seen as a necessity. Families with young children, singles looking to entertain, and seniors wanting to stay active can all benefit from owning a pool. When potential buyers see that your home includes this feature, they might go from “It would be nice” to “We must have it.”

Owning a home with a pool may not be for everyone. You should always speak to your Realtor about your budget and lifestyle before choosing any home. However, if a backyard oasis could enhance the quality of life for you and your family, don’t be discouraged by the potential costs. A swimming pool can not only improve your lifestyle, it can also increase the value of your home.


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Alpha & Omega Pools pool services provides superior cleaning, maintenance, and training services for homeowners and commercial property owners in Henderson, NV and surrounding areas.

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