August 23rd, 2018

Labor Day tips for traveling with your pet

Labor Day tips for traveling with your pet

Labor Day is a popular road trip holiday, and for more and more families, that means taking Fido along for the ride. If you plan to travel with your pet on Labor Day – or any other day of the year – we have some tips to make it enjoyable for everyone in the family.

Plan ahead. It seems there are more pet-friendly options than ever before – from restaurants and hotels to even shops. But they aren’t always easy to find. Sometimes you have to call a business to find out if pets are allowed, and if so, if there are any size restrictions or fees associated with bringing them.

Ask for special pet treats. Some restaurants cater to pets-on-the-go with treats like “pupuccinos,” plain hamburger patties, and more. When you make a pit stop for the humans in your pack, be sure to ask about what they might offer for your pets. Word to the wise – be cautious with sensitive tummies and skip the treats if your dog is prone to car-sickness.

Keep feeding schedules consistent. Even on the road, you’ll want to keep your pet’s feeding schedule consistent. That means packing a bag that’s easily accessible with food, water, and bowls.

Pack for Fido. Make your dog feel at home even on the go by packing his favorite dog bed, blanket, chew bone, food/water bowls and toys. You’ll also want to pack paper towels and stain remover, just in case!

Plan pet breaks. Your pets need breaks from the car, just like you do. Find a dog park along your route where your pet can play or simply take a walk during your pit stop.

Follow the rules. Most hotels and restaurants have very specific rules about allowing pets, like not leaving them unattended in the hotel room or only allowing dogs on certain areas of a patio. Be a good pet parent by knowing and following the rules so we can all keep traveling with our fur-babies.

To learn more about pet travel tips and safety information, read this info from the ASPCA.


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