July 5th, 2018

Why We Should Consider San Diego County as a Luxury Community

We have reached the point where we must refer to all of San Diego County as a luxury community.

According to recent research conducted by Christie’s International Real Estate, in 2017 the international luxury real estate market posted the best annual growth rate in three years at 11 percent. In its report, Luxury Defined, San Diego was listed as the second-hottest primary housing market.

Andy Nelson, President and Owner of Willis Allen Real Estate in San Diego, CA

At Willis Allen, our passion is finding the perfect house for our clients. It may sound cliche, but we truly love the world of real estate. Our job entails doing diligent research to study, analyze and compare homes and neighborhoods. As we do so, we in San Diego’s Real Estate climate have additional frustrations that burden both sellers and buyers in today’s market.

Sellers will always feel their individual home far exceeds similar comparable properties, and they often read published reports that indicate values are skyrocketing. Certainly that means their personal home meets this criteria, right? But, if their asking price is too high, astute buyers will not consider purchasing it.

Additionally, we have reached the point where we must refer to all of San Diego County as a luxury community. As the recent report from Christie’s, Luxury Defined, indicates, the luxury market has swelled over the last year with San Diego sitting in the number two spot on the hottest primary market list. But, truly, all of of San Diego is a bargain compared to the rest of the state. As you study prices in Orange County, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Barbara  and the massive growth in San Francisco, one can see that our prices are far less than those other California affluent communities.

But why?

San Diego is a hidden luxury enclave within California. Further, the booming stock market has prompted many of our residents to flow their financial successes into luxury property and real estate investment. A luxury residential purchase remains a low risk, high reward investment. Add in San Diego’s great weather, wonderful beaches and unique pockets throughout the county to visit, and you have a recipe for success. Also, many companies (think communication, biomedical, technology and more), frustrated with high housing costs in San Francisco and elsewhere, elect to relocate in San Diego for its favorable cost of living.  

What does this tell us?

Now is the time to buy! When I started in this brokerage business in the early 1970s, I had just completed my commitment as a Naval Flight Officer and had purchased my first investment property. What a lucky move (I won’t say smart…just lucky!). Forty years later, that original property has turned into multiple buildings providing income, shelter and a financial foundation for our family. Each of us should continue on that same path. Let’s face it – if you commit to purchasing real estate now, you will likely be patting yourself on the back 10 years from now!

Price is still the name of the game, and once sellers adjust to what buyers consider market value, our inventory begins to move and prices rise. Our present lack of sufficient inventory remains an impediment, but it does fuel price apprention and shortens time on the market for sellers.

This is only a snapshot of our corner of the luxury real estate world. But what we have at Willis Allen Real Estate is a passion to best offer the best advice to our clientele, and we have consistently done so for over 100 years. During that time, we have committed ourselves solely to  selling real estate – from starter homes to luxury real estate. We live here, we love it here, we are fully involved in our communities, and we are very selective in our hiring criteria – all because we want to best advise you in this immense (albeit it smart!) financial decision.

Willis Allen Real Estate Collection Magazine Summer 2018 in San Diego, CA

Others may tout technological leadership, but we have already far exceeded our competition in this regard. Willis Allen’s marketing of San Diego properties is recognized worldwide as one of the best in this industry. We do not want to be the biggest firm and espouse growing numbers of agents and lofty sales numbers – we are not self serving. Instead, we want to provide informed counsel and advice to best follow the needs and desires of our clientele.

Many of our clients have returned to us time and time again – even after decades – because they relish and respect our expertise and knowledge in real estate. We have dedicated agents, both young and enthusiastic and those more experienced with decades of service in real estate.

Ask around in your community. You’ll find that the reputation of Willis Allen is stellar. Even our competitors know that when they work with a Willis Allen agent on behalf of a client, they are dealing with the finest agents and agency in the U.S.

We will never forget who we are, and we hope you won’t either. We are dedicated to your success as our trusted clientele…just as we have been for the last 100 years and counting.

Andrew Nelson Willis Allen Real Estate



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