July 26th, 2018

The Best Classes to Take in San Diego | Art, Cooking, Fitness + More!

The Best Classes to Take in San Diego | Art, Cooking, Fitness + More by Willis Allen Real Estate in San Diego, CA

Have you been searching for a fun art, cooking or craft classes to take? Look no further! We believe in the practice of lifelong learning, and one more perk of living in America’s Finest City is access to some of the finest opportunities to explore new interests – or beef up old ones! It’s never too late to try out that Tai Chi class you’ve always fantasized about, cultivate your home chef hobby, or pursue your own art form.

We’ve rounded up some the most raved-about shops, studios, and schools in our community. So make time, get creative, and try one – or try them all! And the best part? No report cards!

Art & Craft

  • Niche, Please!locations throughout San Diego County
    These “trendy pop-up classes” range from hand-lettering and knitting to social media and craft beer tasting and encourage you to explore creativity on even the smallest level.
  • San Diego Sand Castles4306 Ocean Blvd., San Diego
    A venerable Southern California pastime, take your sand castle skills from bucket-mold boring to Taj Majal marvelous. This one is fun for couples and families, so gather your crew and head to beach.
  • Sew Loka: A Modern Sewing Studio2163 1/2 Logan Ave., San Diego
    Whether you want to sew on your buttons or machine stitch your own clothes, Claudia’s sewing lessons will have you on your way.
  • Whaley Studios3848 5th, San Diego
    Take your friendship bracelet making to whole new level (even make your own wedding ring!) at this full-service jewelry making studio. Classes, workshops, and bench time include a host of hefty metalsmithing tools.
  • The Workshoppethroughout San Diego County
    Go from sad selfies to professional-quality sunrises and studio portraits with photography workshops, tutoring, and events at The Workshoppe.

 In the Kitchen

  • Cozymealthroughout San Diego County
    Through Cozymeal, you have access to some of the best local chefs to learn how to cook any flavor meal your taste buds desire.
  • Gaslamp Bartending School919 Fourth Ave., San Diego
    If you’re serious about cocktails, go to the heart of city for hardcore bartending lessons. Intended for job seekers, you can take on a one- or two-week session.
  • Hipcooks4048 30th, San Diego
    Private and group classes in the Hipcooks’ North Park kitchen are healthy, fresh, and fun – sans the snooty chefs and rule-laden recipes.

Fun Fitness

  • Ooh La La Dance Academy7467 Cuvier St., La Jolla
    While you’ll see the usual tap-shoe touting toddlers at this studio in the morning, the evening classes are for adults. From Salsa and Samba to belly dancing and burlesque, there’s a style for every pair of hips.
  • San Diego School of Survivalthroughout San Diego County
    Whether you’re a Bear Grylls believer or basher – or you just want to be ultra-prepared for a nature hike – wilderness and disaster survival classes from this veteran-owned business are just the ticket.
  • San Diego Surf School4850 Cass St., San Diego
    Offering all kinds of class options, you’ll at the very least end up learning how to look cool carrying your board on the beach!
  • Table Tennis LessonsBalboa Park Activity Center, 2145 Park Blvd., San Diego
    Associated with the San Diego Table Tennis Association, one-on-one instruction on your ping pong game is legit at Balboa Park’s activity center.
  • Title Boxing Club2852 University Ave., San Diego
    These intense cardio and muscle-building boxing workouts are also a great way to find emotional release and build confidence. Try your first class for free in North Park!

Gardening & Outdoors

  • Girl Next Door Honey mobile throughout San Diego County
    Offering classes, workshops, consulting – and honey of course – this bee farm is “pollinating hearts and minds” to increase the bee population in San Diego. Take a tour, take a class, and taste the sweetness that is beekeeping.
  • The Water Conservation Garden12122 Cuyamaca College Dr. W., El Cajon
    This almost six-acre oasis of themed gardens offers four to six classes and workshops a month to help adults and kids grow your green thumb. There are other fun events, plus volunteer and work opportunities as well.

Languages & Academics

  • Culture and Language Center4535 30th #211, San Diego
    Commit to learning that new language. At the Culture and Language Center, Spanish, Mandarin, French, and English classes are taught in private or in small groups with a “speak from day one” approach.
  • San Diego Continuing Educationlocations throughout Sand Diego County
    Hone your knowledge and skills through academic and trade skill classes – free or low-cost – at campuses across the county. From computer and web classes to upholstery, welding, and plumbing – gain footing in a new area of interest.

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