January 2nd, 2018

Winter Decorating Tips

tomatoes and herbs in glass jarsAre you going through a post-holiday decorating drought? Here are 5 tips for reviving your home’s look this winter.

Bring the outside, in
Create a space for an herb garden inside your kitchen for an interesting look that satisfies the eye and the stomach! You can also create living art with greenery by buying or building wall planters for some instant impact.

Light logic
Since the days are shorter in the winter, you’ll want to maximize the light in your home – natural and artificial. Start by opening the blinds during the day to let the natural light shine through as much as possible. Consider hanging a mirror over a mantel to reflect the natural light. Also, clean your light bulbs to ensure you’re getting the maximum wattage, and add some additional accent lamps to illuminate your space if needed.

Add some color
There’s no time like the present to add a pop of color to your interior. Painting an accent wall is a great way to add a pop of color without committing to the dramatic look in the entire room. Change out boring pillows with ones that pop. You could even consider adding some wallpaper in an entire space or as an accent for a contemporary look.

Organize wisely
Even in San Diego, wintertime means more layers and chunkier shoes that can quickly pile up if not managed properly. To contain the clutter, consider adding a bench with bins and hooks by your front door. At the very least you can clean out closets and make space for everyone’s shoes and coats out of sight.

Luxe layers
With cooler nights, you might be adding more layers to your bed, as well. Don’t settle for drab when it can be fab! Layer in lots of textures and colors with your bedding, throws and pillows to create a worthy winter retreat.

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